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Tips for effective email marketing

You’re a successful business person running a thriving company and getting some impressive figures. So why aren’t you making the most of your email? Well perhaps like many of us, you have negative feelings about email marketing campaigns. Think back to when you’d open your email to find 30 offers of Viagra, myriad chances to

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Invest in Your Home – Boosts Home Value

There are a number of ways to invest in the overall appeal of your home. You can make strategic changes to the outside of the home. Landscaping, painting and home washing are activities in this category. It is also possible to invest in your home’s appearance by making changes indoors. Replacing bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

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Buying A Home With No Money Down

Is buying a home with no money down a practical goal? Actually, it has become easier than ever. But unfortunately, it has also become more necessary than ever, since fewer and fewer people seem to be able to save money. In fact, I would like to respectfully suggest that if you need to buy your

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Marketing: It’s All about the Numbers

Marketing: It’s All about the Numbers So what does it take to get a homeowner who is in foreclosure to actually call you? There are a lot of people in the sales industry who will employ certain marketing strategies to get customers, and that totally makes sense. But at the end of the day it

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